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Spirit Fighters Series

Main Characters-Beginnings

Chat Room
History of Redalia

Here is a list of the main characters from the first book in the three part series called Beginnings.

Endril is the first character I introduce.  He starts off having to make a big life-altering decision, and he's only 16.  He is destined for greatness, though he is scared.  He finds out that he is what the Elves call 'Enlaka-Drena' know in the common tongue as Spirit Fighter.  He has a tough exterior, that belies his young age.  He is an old soul in a young body.    He leaves the very next day to Vanay, the capital of Redalia to fulfill his destiny, as a Spirit Fighter.  He's tall, with dark hair and dark eyes, and like most Elves that live near the Karub Mountains, he has dark skin.
Deannalyn is the same age as Endril.  She turns 16, and is dealing with the same fate as Endril, becoming a Spirit Fighter, though she doesn't have the same importance that Endril has (or so it seems).  She has a very wild heart, but is also level-headed.  She has fiery-red hair, and is tall with bright green eyes.  She lives in the north, and as characteristic of northern Redalians, she is very fair skinned.  She continues on, pursuing her destiny, with her best friend.
Dania is Deannalyn's best friend.  She loves her dearly, but think's that she should settle down with a husband, and not go on this wild journey to Vanay.  She reluctantly comes with Deannalyn, feeling a little out of place.  She is only 15, about a year younger than Deannalyn.  Dania has blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.
Cinda is the first person that Deannalyn and Dania meet on their way to Vanay.  She is 1/4 Elf.  She teaches Deannalyn the Elvish language, after finding out that Deannalyn has the gift to move things by speaking the words to do so in Elvish.  She is tall, with dark overall features: black eyes, nearly black wavy hair, and dark skin.
Ilandro is the first person that Endril meets on his way to Vanay.  They form an immediate bond.  Endril asks Ilandro to come with him on his journey, after he finds out that he too is a Spirit Fighter.  They together travel to Vanay, seeking   their destiny.  Ilandro is a few years older than Endril, and is a little heavy-set.
As we get back to the three girls, Deannalyn, Dania and Cinda, they are traveling to Vanay when they meet Belton.  They find him as he is working on his farm, but is passed out.  They revive him, then he tells them that he can see the future.  He is 16 like Deannalyn, but is very unsure of himself, and is quite shy.  He is dark skinned, and very short and stocky.
Deannalyn's group then meets a guy named Kelin.  Immediately Deannalyn recognizes that he is another Spirit Fighter.  She also finds out the he and Cinda know each other.  He has a dark past, and he expalins that he rejected his gift, and ran away from home.  He is 20 years old, with dark features.  He has blonde hair and deep brown eyes.
Last but not least, after Endril makes it to Vanay, where he meets a group of Spirit Fighters, he meets a very spirited female named Anaya.  She has a temper, and after a sword fight, (to assess Endri's abilities) she pushes him over and tries to still hurt him after he has already won that lesson.  She has deep red hair, pale skin and green eyes.

Jessica Hickman, Author.  All rights reserved.