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Spirit Fighters Series

The Country of Redalia

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History of Redalia

A history of the Great land of Redalia

In the great land of Redalia, one of the continents in the planet of Enaia, the race of the Elves first awoke. Tall, graceful and fair, they were majestic and powerful, and lovers of art with an air of nobility about them, even after centuries passed.

The culture grew and changed over time. These differing cultures had distinct tastes. There were three major regions, each with their own specialties. The three regions were: the region around the Karub Mountains; the region in the south on the coast, and the center of Redalia, near Lake Nauris.

The Elves that lived near the Great Karúb Mountains, the largest mountain range in Redalia, loved the woods, and made musical instruments out of the trees. They composed many songs that for century’s people played, and sung. People said that the music from these tribes was the most melodic in all of Eldania. They also had festivals that people would come to and share their crafts, whether it would be music composing or instrument making.

The Elves that lived near the southern seas had a love of the ocean. The warm temperature caused the water to produce the most amazing sea creatures that the Elves would catch and make delicious meals out of. The food in the south was renowned, and people would come miles to sample it, and in great dining halls banquets would be held throughout the year.

The main location of the elves was in the center of Redalia. The city of Vanay was the commercial center of all of country. There were a wide variety of shops, ranging from herbs and spices to fabrics to smithies, and people came from far and wide to borrow and trade. Eventually Vanay became the capital of Redalia.
Over time the race of the Elves started to decline.  It was around 2,000 years after their arrival that they started to decline.  In and around the year 2,500 mortal men started to arrive in Redalia.  Infused with this new culture, both races flourished.  However, jealousy started creeping up on the race of men, and they wanted to take more positions of power.  They revolted against the Elves.  Most of the Elves fought, and lost.  The remaining Elves moved to the Karub Mountains.
Over centuries the race of men became stronger, however there was a prophecy that an Elf saw in a dream.  It was about an Elf , from the line of Kings would rise up and unite the Elves again.  So for hundreds of years, the Elves waited for their coming King.

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